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 we are Sinhalese Buddhists of Sri Lanka who are proud of our land, our Sinhalese Buddhist heritage of 2550 years of unbroken, recorded civilization. We are one of a very few tour operators offering genuine tailor made holiday packages. All the way to the destinations is the beauty of the nature .set in the tourist attractions is the glory of our heritage. We enjoy every minute of the opportunity to present our land to our guests; we are in sparkling good form. You would be all smiles, all the way. You will have fun & joy. Green valleys & cascading waterfalls. You will have sun & sand.
We are compact, flexible & right on the button. Committed to provide High Value, High Definition Tropical holidays of joy & fun, light & enlightenment in an ancient island. We take you to the right stuff: we reveal for you to revel. We take pride in our personalized service within the background of sustainable tourism. We are ardent supporters of the government's measures to protect cultural heritage and natural beauty of our island: the ruins, renovated cultural & historical sites, ancient renovated vast rainwater reservoirs as well as endangered species of fauna and flora. Striving to retain the natural beauty & glory of the island to next generations, we assist our guests to mingle with the environment & tour with light footprints.

Our people in Sri Lanka

Hospitality of our people is legendary; pride of place to the guests is historical. Rain or thunder, smiles wouldn't fade away. We stay with you all the way, from the moment you step into the island till the moment you step out to make your holidays truly memorable to all of you. With us you will carry the image of Sri Lanka firmly etched in your mind, carved in your heart so that the island would always be fondly remembered & talked about with the generations to come. As did Marco Polo & Iban Batuta.

Plans for the next level

We provide information to our guests, encourage them to present their ideas to take the conservation of wildlife & bio-diversity, conservation of heritage, presentation of the beauty & glory of the island by means of conventional methods as well as hi-tech innovations to the next level within the backdrop of sustainable tourism. 

Drive Sri Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., Ganemulla, Sri Lanka., | +94 72 9065608/ +94 77 4105007


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